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"This process allowed me to release trauma that continued to plague me after therapy.  I used to leave therapy feeling worse about it. I am certain that Dr. Laurie Moore's 8 step process, success-live-now is going to help many many people all over the world. The first time I used the process I came out tangibly different, feeling light. My husband noticed immediately. Usually he is not interested in these kind of programs but he signed up immediately."

~Lynne Wagner

   Success Love Now Support Package
  1. Full audio from each class
    2. Worksheet for step #7: rewrite your creation
    3. 5 minute audio for step #3: surrender
    4. 3 minute audio for step #5: witness the new movie as perfection
    5. 10 page report on using the success love now process including in depth 8 step map

 "This process took me to p a place of peace and bliss that is new to me. Dr. Laurie lives her work and practices the 8 steps for real situations  in her own life. I like the sincerity of this."

 ~Dave Wagner

     Success Love Now Process Audio
    Experience the success love now process in 22 minutes
    with Dr. Laurie's soothing guidance audio.

 "Words will never express all the help, support and love you gave us. I use this process every day."

 ~Dianna Greene

Success Love Now Process for Couples & Relationships of Every Nature: Audio and Map
    Experience the success love now process with another being or in the personal Divine conversation.
 Dr. Laurie's soothing guidance audio plus a written map.


"The relationship success love now process was so deeply appreciated. We both really enjoyed the work we did with you. We already feel a lot more openness and ease in our communication. We had reached a point of anger and meanness toward each other and are now both experiencing lots of spaciousness and love."

~Ken Freeman and Ellen Dean

Success Love Now Process for Body Transformation: Audio and Map
    Experience the success love now process with with your body.
 Dr. Laurie's soothing guidance audio plus a written map.
"I was going to leave the gathering because my back went out. When this happens I can be in bed for a couple of weeks  or more. Dr. Laurie asked me to stay and do some of the steps first so the experience in bed would at least be lighter. I agreed. In the process, my back fixed itself and I ended up staying at the seminar because I was fine. That has never happened before!" 

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    Success Love Now Mission

Our purpose-aim is to assist individuals, couples and communities* with creating positive    evolutionary responses to personal, professional and global challenges. This is offered by giving test proven tools which offer people a pathway of awakening into consistent love, joy and practical creativity. 

Our approach is to help people to discover an all-win viewpoint that includes the value and wisdom of each participant. We combine the practical, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical to arrive at new ways of relating to life, thereby changing the world, one solution at a time, always embodied in love, joy, peace and service. 

 Our primary interest is to help to create a globe in which beings and species** of all cultural backgrounds, life styles and benevolent approaches are equally valued and living in collaborative, communicative, harmonious possibilities and joyful evolutionary resolutions. Communities: groups with shared purpose (service-oriented, professional, religious, spiritual, ecological, personal, etc.).





Species: Humans, animals, plants, elements, angels, masters, insects …












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