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Success Love Now in Person Gatherings~

Thirty minute gatherings to awaken uni-verse-soul Unconditional Love. People who attend may experience awakening, transformation and profoundly positive life changes. Powerful immediate shifts as well as subtle gradual changes following, the days after the gathering, are both possible. Gatherings honor communication among all species: animals, people, plants, insects, angels, masters, elements, Earth, etc.

Music to help us come home to the depth of our hearts begins the profound thirty minute travel time. When the bell rings Dr. Laurie takes those present into profound silence with the transmission of Universal Love that encompasses all experiences in acceptance and celebration.  An inspired talk is given (which sometimes includes a chant or song which brings the movement of Love) in direct spontaneous heart-to-heart contact with those present. Each meeting, two people are offered the meditation-inducing experience of working with Dr. Laurie one-on-one which uplifts the souls of all beings present. We end with music to celebrate the bounty given to the heart and soul. At this time some dance. Some sit. Some sing. You are welcome exactly as you are.

Gatherings are available for adults, teens or youth. Each gathering is completely unique. Your travel into the Universal Love will bring a different gem to you every single time.

Gatherings are every affordable and can be held in any city or country. Some people will opt to attend or schedule 3-77 gatherings over 1-11 days. Others will choose to attend or host one gathering. A minimum of 15 people is required per gathering and there is no maximum limit. A gathering can include as few as fifteen and as many as  hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.

Gatherings may be held on Skype and other internet streams as well as in person.
To host a gathering in your home, center, school, work place,
place of worship, or on Skype, please call 831- 477-7007 or email





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