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                                                    Dr. Laurie Moore
Known internationally for the Indi-Miracles DVD, Ani-miracles DVD, Duo-miracles  DVD, The Cat’s Reincarnation and Unconditional Trust in Love  Book, Creative Intimacy Book, Intelligent Love Book  and 111 Messages from Feline Jessie Book, Dr. Laurie  Moore was one of the writers for the book Animals in Spirit  with Penelope Smith, main author (Simon and Shuster, 2008). 

Dr. Laurie Moore seminars teach people to surrender to Divine Love. Her work is in devotion to the Divine Mother.

Dr. Laurie Moore, licensed therapist (LMFT), certified hypnotherapist (CHT), & certified Animal Communicator made expert appearances on Ricki Lake, Fox News Live, O'Reilly Factor, The John Walsh Show, Intuitive Soul, In the Company of Angels, Seeing Beyond and KRON News Weekend.  She has co-hosted a teleconference with J.E. Rash and in  2011 she will co-teach with Penelope Smith. She offers private sessions by phone and leads Animal Communication, Universal Love and Success Love Now Seminars in Hawaii. Moore was a graduate psychology teacher at San Francisco State University, Santa Clara University, Johnson State College, an undergraduate psychology teacher at Chico State University and guest lecturer at University of Vermont and Five Branches University.

Dr. Laurie was Keynote Speaker for The Santa Cruz Sentinel Women in Business Expo 2004. She’s been interviewed by Redbook, Readers Digest, The Connection, Species Link, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, The Good Times, Pathways, Joe Franklin, The Frankie Boyer Show &

Dr. Laurie Moore is known for her assistance with helping people to awaken while creating dream realities. Her method is simple: be 100% present with life as it is and you shall dissolve into a neutral deep love.  Her message is you are a gift to the universe. Her message is you are the LOVE. Her most important teachers of miracles and mysteries are he beloved feline Jessie Justin Joy and her beloved mate, Ray.

As of October 2010, Dr. Laurie's television Show, Universal Love & Animal Communication will begin to be aired on thirty public access sations, mostly in the USA from East to West. Laurie received her A.A. in dance in literature from Bard College, her B.A. in Community Studies from The University of California in Santa Cruz, and her M.A. inexpressive Arts psychology from Lesley University. Dr. Laurie did her graduate psychology internship under Kay Frances Schepp, Counseling Services director at The University of Vermont. Her professors suggested that she would go onto create her own theory of counseling which she did in an independent PhD. program combining practical, spiritual and expressive psychology at Summit University (located in New Orleans until 2004).

Behind the scenes she spends hours in meditative states of oneness, bliss and union with animals, Divine Mother, Enlightened masters and nature both in silence and in song. Having spent numerous years in Ashrams and study of both eastern and western religion, she is inspired ongoingly by her teachers Gangaji, JE Rash, Jacqulyn Aldana, Gina Palmer, Ammachi and Ramana. She chooses to go deep within her own heart for awakening guidance. This the source of all her work, and her Satsang Seminars.

~Upon request, verification of Dr. Laurie Moore's education and background is available.~

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                                                      Dr. Laurie Moore's Television Show

Dr. Laurie's Televisions Show, Universal Love and Animal Communication begins playing on some of the stations below as of October 2010. As of late January 2011 you will find listing for her show on all stations below. We are adding stations in a variety of additional states too. Stay posted.

This thirty minute television program comes in many episodes, The inspiring show  is known to bring joyous laughter as well as tears of awakening to the heart. Filled with true-life segments of Satsangs, seminars and sessions with Dr. Laurie Moore, these shows are bridges to doorways of light. Love and new ways of being are opened in the hearts of the viewers.  People and animals are included in the shows.  Mahalo nui loa to the many hands that created these shows of uplifting energies.

1.    Prescott, Arizona

2.    Santa Cruz, CA

3.    Mt. Shasta, CA

4.    Davis, CA

5.    Half Moon Bay, CA

6.    San Los Obispo, CA

7.    Monterey, CA

8.    San Jose, CA

9.    Sacramento, CA

10. Kona, Hawaii

11. Honolulu, Hawaii

12. Kauai, Hawaii

13. Maui, Hawaii  

14. Peoria, Illinois TBA

15. Louisville, Kentucky

16. New Orleans, Louisiana

17. Rockville, Maryland

18. Prince Georges County, Maryland

19. Salem, Massachusetts

20. Mansfield, Ohio

21. Newfane, New York

22. Woodstock, New York

23. Chapel Hill, North Carolina www.thepeoples’

24. Portland, OR

25. Ashland, OR

26. Philly, PA

27. Charlotte, South Carolina TBA

28. Vancouver, Washington

29. Vancouver, BC Canada

30. Barcelona, Spain

More stations TBA as of 1/1/11. First episode plays between 9/1/10 and 2/1/11

on above stations.



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