Success Love Now

The One Universal Heart may Find you in Love where you shall find Love is All

Success Love Now in Person &
Live Internet Video Gatherings~
The Success Love Now work is helping me every day of my life. Words will never express the gratitude I feel
for all the support, help and love you gave us."
~Jane Brown Smith

Come to have your soul be listened to. Experience the benvolent  changes in yourself and life. 

Gatherings to awaken uni-verse-soul Unconditional Love. People who attend may experience awakening, transformation and profoundly positive life changes. Powerful immediate shifts as well as subtle gradual changes following, the days after the gathering, are both possible. Gatherings honor communication among all species: animals, people, plants, insects, angels, masters, elements, Earth, etc.

It is not often one can really connect with a counselor. Both my daughter and I did with you and you facilitated a solution I did not see. I am so excited and grateful. God chose to anoint you to do this work and you do it with excellence, kindness and love. You love well. I am incredibly grateful for you. These patterns were so destructive and now they are being broken.
Thank you,

A. The Still Gathering

You need not prepare (though you can if you like). You need not be anyone or anything in particular. Come to have your soul be listened to. Experience the benvolent  changes in yourself and life. 

Enter into the music of universal heart love and Divine Mother. Laurie Moore will speak specifically to the group present, evoking the stillness of your hearts and soles to the core. We will experience the inner-movement evoked as self-selected volunteers share their awakening and success from the success love now programs. Laurie will work with one person live (either with a personal issue, question or question about a beloved animal friend).  As this person comes deeper home and prepares to make a life shift, you will be inspired, moved and likely to make a shift yourself. We are all part of one current. This will be the catalyst for the group to move into a silent transformation as Dr. Laurie allows the transmission of success love now to move through her heart via masters and angels, side-by-side with each of you and into the world. (If you have a spiritual teacher or practice, please honor this in the way that is right for you most in your participation).

Laurie, I am listening to every word that comes out of your mouth. What you say has helped me very much with my life. I feel you really care about your clients. You remember us and you keep us with you. I am proud to be in your presence and to hear you speak. Keep up the good work on your seminars and your teachings.

Laughter and heart-felt tears of fulfillment are often abundant at Dr. Laurie's events! Dr. Laurie often invites people to use the time in between gatherings in valuable silence, focused dialogue about Heaven on Earth, focused here-now-presence sharing & witnessing or composting what is no longer needed outside in the Earth or Sun! Muses with songs and instruments of love often come to share a song or composition.

B. The Moving Gathering

Move, breathe, sing, sound before coming into heart silence.
We will move in a powerful transmission of universal love that has been able to evaporate self defeating habits, turned yearned for dreams into realities and awaken people into great depths of spiritual fulfillment. For some, the process is immediate and strong. For others, the process is less dramatic and simply brings more wellness, joy or grace. A powerful  movement journey comes into a silent passing of the energy followed by gratitude shares from self-selected volunteers. Each meeting is unique and created to serve the individuals and group present. This includes those particpating by internet.

You need not prepare (though you can if you like). You need not be anyone or anything in particular. Come to have your soul be listened to. Experience the benvolent  changes in yourself and life. 

These meditations encompass a variety of inner experiences and personal ways of being with acceptance and celebration. We celebrate the bounty given to the heart and soul.

Gatherings may be held on Skype and other internet streams as well as in person.

To host a gathering in your home, center, school, work place, place of worship, or via internet, please call 831- 477-7007 or email  Those seeking a way of memory of the energy opened during the gatherings may purchase books, DVDs, audios, workbooks
and the citrine, morganite and rose glass necklaces
which contain the heart, cleanse and manifesting fullness energies of the events themselves. These are offered at every event.


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